VIN barcode scanner

Best vehicle identification for car rental companies & car dealerships.


Car rental companieS

Due to heavy turnover, it’s difficult for auto rental companies to use a keyfob attached to the car's keys to identify the vehicle at refueling time. That's why we designed a secure way to identify vehicles using their VIN, with a barcode scanner connected to the GIR unit. Typical setup for this is:

  • user id: personal code, card or fob
  • vehicle id: VIN barcode scanner

Car dealerships

This type of end-user usually has a fast-moving inventory, and they want to monitor their fuel usage. With the GIR system, the operator can be identified with a personal code or card, and the vehicle is identified with the VIN barcode scanner before releasing dispenser authorization. For an even more highly-secured fuel distribution, we can also automatically synchronize the list of authorized VIN numbers from an inventory software like Reynolds and Reynolds, or ADP.