GIR W200 Software


  • User-friendly web-based software, accessible from any computer with a web browser
  • Up to 50,000 vehicles et 50,000 drivers
  • Drivers & vehicles are attached to a 3-level tree structure to match the organization chart.
  • Fuel usage reports by driver, vehicle, site, product, organizational units, etc. with 1 to 3 grouping levels.
  • Vehicles breakdown by org unit, by type, by model.
  • Drivers breakdown by org unit, by type.
  • Powerful data import & export engine.
  • Fine-grained control capabilities over software users privileges. For example, in a multi-sites organization, a local user may be able to see only drivers/vehicles/transactions data related to its site, whereas a national manager would get access to the entire dataset. The scope of each software user may be action-based limited and organizational-units limited.